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Incomlab is a division of Incom and mainly specialises in financial software for high-net-worth (HNW) investors, and that software allows an investor to fine-tune asset allocation and cash management further than what other systems are capable of doing.

Another area of business is World-leading Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA) software used by business and project managers.  This software takes the mystery out of CBA so that anyone can do it.

Furthermore all this software is available in the cloud in a multi-user, multi-tenancy framework hosted by Incomlab or hosted by an investment advisor of financial consultancy firm.

Multi-tenancy means that, for instance, in the one system a consultant may have many clients (represented as system tenants) each with many login users.  Likewise a financial advisor may have many clients in the one system.

We also sell the software as source code so that any of our clients may integrate the system with their own cloud system.